Someone just went through the Portal…

i cant recall it exactly but there was a scene, i think it occurs right before these gifs, with isabelle and jace arguing and isabelle blames jace for getting them into clarys bs and then jace gets like hurt and really defensive.

i really loved that it. it seemed so profoundly jace and isabelle. like regardless of the actors or how they looked, I was seeing jace and isabelle from the book on screen

took the leap

and reread a few early sections of clockwork princess

then took the leap and reread the ending

I don’t know I still can’t describe it. Just the love that transpired between all 3 of them, it’s perfect its beautiful. It’s everything love should be.

I still don’t think there could have been a better ending

Tessa and later generations


Question under cut, as it is spoilery. And a reminder, as I posted earlier, that my ask box is shut down and my fanmail box is shut down for the forseeable future. I am working my way through the asks in my drafts folder and then there will be no more asks. My husband actually set it up so that I couldn’t even get into my mail folder if I wanted to. :) 

Counting down, this one is about Tessa and kids, so under a spoiler tag.

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in which cassie clare beautifully answers one of the few qualms i had about the end of clockwork princess

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I just finished Clockwork Princess

I’m not sure if I will, can, or even want to write out all the things I want to discuss about this book.

And there’s so much I want to say. I can honestly say a book has never made me feel, cry, or whatever in such a way Clockwork Princess did. 

So much joy and sadness, and bittersweetness

I cant explain it. But I NEVER could have expected Cassandra Clare to write such a perfect satisfying ending.


are taring my life apart

CLOCKWORK PRINCESS MAN (some spoilers below)

I cant even deal anymore

there is no team will or team jem or team anything. there is no way for this triangle to be solved peacefull there is jem and tessa who i thoughtmight not be endgame simply because in clockwork prince i felt her feelings werent as strong but in readingclockwork princess they are, i cant find a doubt in Tessa were I feel she doesnt want to marry Jem. she LOVES him. And theyre just so cuteandsweetandadorableandshouldtotallbetogetherforever

and then theres will, sweet sweet will

ive just read the scene where he tells her he still loves her.


there all just in love with each other. will loves tessa jem loves tessa tessa loves them both but is marrying will just because he got to her first (to be blunt) and then jem and will are just the best of bros and this all just turns into a full circle or triangle with there being no type of happy ending

no good will come of this story because it can only end in heart break and most likely death

and you know what is KILLING me. the fact that we KNOW tessa is immortal and that whole convo she had with Jem about her soul not recirculating and ever reuninting with Jem or Will. It hurts man it really does. And the fact that in city of glass she was alone. shes immortal and alone. 

I just dont know what to do with this story and these characters that I love

Ive just began

The journey that is Clockwork Princess.
Chapter 3 and its already TOO MUCH.
Will and Cecily
Will and tessa
Tessa and jem
gabriel and Cecily (:D)
Gideon and sophie!!
And Charlotte and henry :)

im dying because this is so true


city of lost souls and ashes are 100% accurate



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i’m trying to not go crazy and look at every single mortal instument movie related thing out there, as to not spoil myself to much. but


i really am, maybe  a year or so when casting news began i was really nitpicky bus every time i see more photo’s or interviews i just get so excited. like this is. my favorite series is headed to the big screen! jace, clary, simon, alec, izzy, and magnus will all be in a movie. shadowhunters will be kicking forsaken but and vampires will hang out in hotels and everything will be amazing!!

it’s like when i see random things that appear to me significant changes from the book i dont even really get upset. i just pause, think about it, then remember that its going to be a film.

ooooooh i really hope it does well. even if city of bones somehow is hated by everyone, i would still hope it got a second chance just so people can continue to see the wonderful story that is The Mortal Instruments :)

Click & drag! [Official Cast version]

ooh i love these

bestfriend: jocelyn (BLEH)

first kiss: jocelyn (da fuck?)

first love: isabelle (gawdammnit i want boooys)

enemy: clary (meh)

killer:magnus (whhhhyyy maaagggie whyyyyy)

parabatai: friggin church

i think this is single handedly the worst one of these i ever doone lol

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